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CBD Acne Products: Why and How to Use CBD for Acne


Acne. The scourge of the skin. As one of the most common skin conditions, affecting 95% of people aged 11 to 30 in the UK during at least one period of their lives, its hard to believe that we haven’t found a complete cure. But with the introduction of CBD skincare into the health and wellness market, more and more people in the UK are realising the benefits of cannabidiol for a variety of skin conditions. In this article we’ll take a look at the 5 ways CBD acne products can help to reduce acne, as well as how to use CBD for acne to get the best results.


1. CBD acne products help to reduce sebum 

One of the main triggers of acne is the excess production of sebum, a type of oil produced within the sebaceous glands. And whilst this stops your skin from drying out, sometimes the glands can become overactive. In this case, the sebum clings to dead skin cells, plugging up pores and follicles to cause the dreaded acne outbreak.

However, a recent study by the University of Lübeck, Helsinki found that “Cbd behaves as a highly effective sebostatic agent.” This means that CBD is able to actually reduce the amount of sebum produced by the sebaceous glands. The study also found that topically applied CBD acne products were actually absorbed by the sebaceous glands – which allows CBD skincare products to get to the root of the problem without having to be ingested.


2. CBD balances moisture in the skin 

One of the negative side effects of anti acne medications is that they can often dry out the skin, leading to itching, cracking and tightness. One of the most common anti-acne medications, benzoyl peroxide, contains chemicals which can dry and crack the skin. In fact, users of both over the counter and prescription anti-acne solutions are continually inundating advice columns and beauty gurus for advice on skin moisture.

However the beauty of cbd is that whilst it helps to reduce oily sebum, it also acts as a gentle moisturiser. Another recent study found that CBD “contributes to the development of dryness-accompanied skin diseases” due to the way it affects the body’s inflammatory response. So, using a cbd acne products will also help to keep your skin feeling supple and soft – as well as helping to reduce acne. 

In fact, one of the members of our ULU community recently trialled our CBD body oil for dry skin with amazing results! You can read about that here!


A girl using ULU CBD creme face product and rubbing some onto her skin


3. CBD is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory 

Acne can leave the skin red, swollen and inflamed. And everyone who’s experienced acne knows the frustration of facial redness and swelling, especially during an outbreak.

However CBD is actually a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. CBD works by binding to receptors of your Endocannabinoid System – a complex cel signalling system within our bodies responsible for regulating a number of processes including sleep, memory, appetite – and most importantly for acne, inflammation. 

CBD helps the ECS to function properly. And when you take CBD, your ECS prompts your body to suppress the release of pro-inflammatory cytokines and chemokines. This essentially means that inflammatory response is regulated and reduced – leading to clear, even skin.


4. CBD acne products can help to reduce acne scars

Acne can cause significant facial damage – and not only during an outbreak! Chronic acne sufferers may also have to deal with prominent facial scarring once the pimples have subsided.

A study published by La Clinica Terapeutica recently found that CBD is able to help reduce facial scarring. During this study, participants trialled a topical cbd applied to their scars over a period of three months. And it was found that CBD was able to significantly reduce the appearance of scarring by improving skin elasticity and boosting hydration within the skin. 

And although this experiment focused on scars from psoriasis and dermatitis, the results are still promising for those with scarring from acne. 


5. No nasty side-effects 

Another reason why cbd can provide effective support for acne sufferers is that (discounting an allergic reaction) there are currently no known side effects of topically applied cbd oils or creams. 

We’ve already discussed the skin dryness that can result from using harsh, chemical anti-acne medication. However, the most common side-effects of these medications can range from red, peeling skin, to discolouration, and in the case of antibiotics, even a nasty tummy upset.

However, CBD is a natural, plant-based product. It may work powerfully when taken in substantial doses, however it also works gently. So, there shouldn’t be any nasty side-effects from using a CBD acne cream.


a girl using ULU 2.5 % cbd balm


How to use cbd for acne

So now you understand the benefits of cbd for acne related skin conditions. However, cbd isn’t some kind of magical cure-all. So, you shouldn’t expect to apply a CBD cream or body oil to acne once and miraculously notice results. You’ll need to develop an effective CBD skincare routine to help reduce acne!

So, if you’re wondering how to use CBD for acne, we recommend:


1. Using a high-concentration CBD acne product

Many CBD retailers promote CBD acne creams and skincare products with only minute quantities of cannabidiol. But this will only affect your bank account, not your skin. 

Your skin is a natural barrier that’s difficult to penetrate. So, we’re not confident that any CBD topical cream with less then 1% cannabidiol concentration is going to have any real benefits. And really, the higher the concentration the better. 

That’s why here at ULU, we offer some of the highest concentration CBD acne and skincare products in the UK! 


2. Applying your CBD acne product regularly 

CBD has some amazing benefits. But you won’t notice any difference from using a CBD acne cream or product once. As with any CBD product, acne creams will need to be applied regularly, over a long-term basis to have any effect. 

We recommend applying a high-concentration CBD oil, cream or serum to your skin twice a day. And if you don’t notice any difference after 2-3 weeks, you’ll need to think about buying something with a higher concentration level.


3. Applying your CBD acne cream to clean, dry skin 

CBD can’t work on its own to reduce acne and brighten skin. You’ll need to consider a wider skincare routine to clean, exfoliate and moisturise too. This is because acne is caused by excess oil mixing with dead skin cells, which then plugs up your follicles and pores. So, you’ll need to take care of your skin to prevent this from happening and remove any build-up.

Of course, you can find CBD exfoliators and CBD moisturisers. However if you’re simply using a cbd body oil, you should make sure your skin is exfoliated, cleansed and moisturised before you apply it to receive the most benefits. 


4. Combining your skincare product with other forms of CBD

CBD acne creams and skincare products are great for skin moisture and healing, and they do attach to ECS receptors in the skin to provide wider benefits. But to receive an even greater effect, why not try combining your CBD acne cream with a type of cannabidiol designed to enter the bloodstream? 

CBD vapes and CBD sublingual oils are able to quickly and efficiently enter the bloodstream and combine with internal ECS receptors for improved benefits. Perfect for improving your overall health and wellbeing as well as your skin.


a woman posing with ulu range of CBD skincare and beauty products including CBD cream, balm, serum and oil


Try CBD acne products for yourself

So, now you understand why CBD acne products are so effective, as well as how to use CBD for acne, why not try some out for yourself?

Here at ULU, we’ve made a commitment to nothing less than ultimate quality and purity. We’re a UK business offering some of the highest concentration cannabidiol products on the UK market. We only use hemp grown and cultivated in Europe, and we have our products tested by independent labs to verify 0% THC and no nasty pollutants.

Clear skin is only one click away! If you want to read more, try What are the benefits of CBD on your skin?

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