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CBD and Aminos 5 Interesting Facts

CBD and Aminos are two big players in the wellness industry, and both have tremendous health benefits. From the way they interact with our body, to enhancing our mental ability, CBD and Amino acids are ideal for anyone looking to balance their body and improve their wellbeing. In this article, we have covered five exciting facts about these two compounds, to inspire you to integrate them into your wellness plan.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a compound found naturally in the cannabis plant, which contains over one hundred cannabinoids. Although, many people are wary of trying CBD because of its relations to the cannabis plant and THC. Indeed, THC is another type of cannabinoid; however, there are some significant differences. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound, so unlike THC, it will not cause any intoxicating effects.

The benefits of CBD are vast and due to the way it interacts with our body means it helps regulate body functions and balance moods.

What are Aminos?

Amino acids are organic compounds that combine to form proteins in the body. They are often referred to as the building blocks of life because of the impact they have on our functionalities. Although the human body can produce many of the amino acids naturally, you need to source some from your diet or supplements.

Amino acids fall into three distinct categories, including essential, nonessential and conditional. From the 20 amino acids, your body produces eleven of these making them nonessential. The other nine amino acids must be sourced from elsewhere because they are essential. But where does that leave conditional amino acids? A conditional amino is a nonessential amino that has become essential because the body cannot produce it naturally. Indeed, this can happen for a variety of reasons, including ageing and illness.

What are BCAAs?

cbd amino bcca

BCAAs or otherwise known as branched-chain amino acids make up three of the nine essential amino acids. These are called—leucine, isoleucine and valine. Firstly, the term ‘branched-chain’ refers to the chemical structure of BCAAs and they are found in protein-rich foods. Secondly, you may have heard of BCAAs in the sports and fitness industry, and that is because of the benefits they have on muscle growth and recovery. Many athletes and bodybuilders use BCAA supplements in their diets and drinks to aid their fitness journey. However, you don’t have to be a trained athlete to take amino supplements.

An article by Healthline determined the top five benefits of BCAAs, include:

  • Increased muscle growth
  • Reduced muscle soreness
  • Decreased exercise-induced fatigue
  • Prevention of muscle wasting
  • Managed symptoms of the liver disease cirrhosis

5 interesting facts about CBD and Aminos

CBD and amino acids have endless benefits for the human body. So in today’s article, we are sharing our top five interesting facts about these fascinating compounds.

1 – You can be amino acid deficient.

The reason supplements may become a necessity for people is when they become amino acid deficient. To understand how this works, you first need to understand the amino pool. Everyone has an amino acids pool; this refers to the total amount of free amino available in your body. This pool influences a process in your body called biosynthesis, which breaks down the amino acids in your food and turns them into proteins. Having your amino acid pool topped up is vital to good health.

In the incidence of your amino supply dropping too low, the production of protein decreases and a deficiency can occur. Changes to your amino pool can come about because of lifestyle factors including smoking, drinking and a poor diet. Any one of these factors can cause a dip and cause you to become deficient. If you are lacking in any of the 20 amino acids, it is important to manage your diet correctly and consider taking supplements to keep your pool topped up. The amino acids in your body affect all your functions, including the nervous, immune, digestive and reproductive systems.

To increase the benefits of an amino acid supplement, consider taking a supplement combined with CBD. Cannabidiol is known to have many of the same benefits as amino – which is why a joint supplement is so great.

2 – Boosting Hair Growth

Up to 90% of hair is formed from a protein called keratin. The protein is created by 18 out of 20 of the amino acids and vital for healthy locks. When your hair shafts are lacking molecules of keratin, it will be prone to breakage, will struggle to grow and could cause hair loss. If your body is deficient in amino acids, it can drastically impact the health of your hair because it lacks the building blocks to create keratin. When you take an amino acid supplement, and boost your body’s supply of amino acids, it will promote hair growth, improve the health of your hair and the appearance.

Further to this, CBD is well known for its inflammatory properties which can benefit hair health and give it a better environment to grow in. Moreover, if your hair loss is because of stress, anxiety or a lack of sleep, CBD is ideal for aiding these areas. Thus, leading to better overall wellness, including hair health.

3 – Amino CBD Helps with skin conditions

Whether you suffer from a skin condition or are simply looking to boost your physical self-care, amino CBD may be what you need. Firstly, amino acids assist your skin in staying hydrated and healthy. L-glutamine, in particular, has an essential role to play in producing collagen and reducing inflammation. These properties are particularly vital if you suffer from acne or eczema. Likewise, arginine plays a role in repairing skin damage, histidine acts as an antioxidant that soothes, and lysine promotes a smoother skin surface.

Secondly, when you combine amino and CBD, it creates a super boost for your skin. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, which will help reduce redness, swelling and inflammation, particularly when associated with acne. What’s more, cannabis oil helps move moisture to the skin, helping to alleviate dryness. Of course, hydration is incredibly helpful for people who suffer from eczema.

The benefits of amino CBD for your skin are immense, and they complement each other well.

pure cbd oil skincare
pure cbd oil skincare


4 – Immune system

Interestingly, CBD and aminos are ideal if you’re looking to improve your immune function. L-Glutamine, in particular, plays a crucial role in your immune system because it fuels the immune cells and can improve illness recovery. Further to this, histidine and isoleucine are among the other amino acids that help your immune system to function well. These two amino acids are likely to become deficient in older people, and a supplement could become necessary.

When you pair CBD and aminos together, they create a super boost for your immune system. In the case of CBD, it interacts with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) which is a cell signalling system in the body. This system helps regulate and balance your entire body and ensures you have optimum health. Did you know the human body already contains cannabinoids? So, when you take added CBD, it activates the CB1 and CB2 receptors helping to increase the functions of the ECS and assist in overall better health. Therefore, when the ECS is functioning properly, it works closely with the immune system to boost your wellbeing.

Together, CBD and amino acids make the best combination for anyone looking to boost their immune function and aid optimum health.

5 – Say Goodbye to Sleep Problems

CBD and amino acids are a match made in heaven for sleep problems. Firstly, CBD is a natural sleep aid because of the way it interacts with the ECS. The endocannabinoid system helps to regulate sleep, mood and other bodily functions. Therefore, when you take a CBD supplement, you are boosting the ECS and promoting better sleep. Secondly, research has focused on CBD and its effects on anxiety. One study showed that 79.2% of patients experienced lowered anxiety within the first month, and it remained low for the duration of the study.

Moreover, the amino acid GABA is abundant in the human brain. This amino acts as a neurotransmitter that facilitates communication among brain cells. Research shows that higher levels of GABA put people in a non-REM state of sleep for longer; which uses less energy and promotes calmer sensations. This leads to patients waking up refreshed and energised! Similarly, the same study also demonstrated that the body absorbs GABA quickly, and it has a significantly strong effect on the early stages of sleep – meaning patients fell asleep quicker.

When combined, CBD and GABA are highly effective at promoting better sleep and a calmer mind. The use of CBD helps to activate the GABA and the receptors, allowing the supplement to work better. In the same way, when GABA is functioning correctly, it presses the pause button on our stress response, and along with CBD, they promote feelings of relaxation.

ULU CBD Amino Supplement Range

ulu pure cbd oil with aminos 

Here at ULU, we have crafted a range of high-quality CBD oils infused with amino acids. When you add these supplements to your wellness plan, you will experience improved sleep, mood and your body will function at an optimum level.

We hope you have appreciated this article, enjoyed the facts and learnt something new! Now you know more about the effects of CBD and amino acids, why not take a look through our industry-leading range of CBD amino supplements?



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