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How does CBD help reduce Arthritis Pain?

What is Arthritis?

Derived from two Greek words; arthro- (joint) and -itis (inflammation), arthritis commonly refers to inflammation in the joints. There are over one hundred variations of arthritis, with each variation affecting one joint or more. Arthritis has different causes and different treatments. Affecting around 10 million people in the UK, arthritis can affect people of any age, developing gradually or onset suddenly (NHS, 2018).

What are the Common Types of Arthritis?

Common arthritic symptoms include swelling, stiff and painful joints, redness around the joint and a reduced range of motion (Healthline, 2020). The most common type of arthritis is osteoarthritis, which affects approximately 9 million people in the UK. The majority of osteoarthritis sufferers are women or those with a family  history of it (NHS, 2018).

The next most common type of arthritis is rheumatoid arthritis, which is thought to affect around 400,000 people in the UK (NHS, 2018). Like osteoarthritis, more women are affected than men. The immune system causes the affected joints to swell, causing pain. Rheumatoid arthritis can cause health problems with organs and tissues in the human body. Healthline (2020) also state other symptoms including lethargy, loss of appetite, possible anaemia and a slight fever. Severe rheumatoid arthritis can also cause joint deformity.

How does Arthritis affect the Human Body?


Joints tend to connect two bones. Cartilage acts as shock absorbers, preventing bone damage. Cartilage is durable and smooth, which enables your bones to glide with every movement. Most joints are in capsules which contain synovial fluid. This fluid provides lubrication to the joints.

Repetitious movement can cause the cartilage to lose its smoothness. This prevents the bones from seamlessly gliding. When this occurs, your body naturally attempts to repair itself. By doing so osteophytes, which are small bones, can grow at the end of a bone joint, the capsule can stretch and lose its shape and/or the amount synovial fluid can increase around the joint (Versus Arthritis, nd).

You may be familiar with arthritis being described as “degenerative” and “wear and tear” but considering how the body attempts to repair itself, Arthritis Action (2020) believes these terms are misleading. The reason being is because inflammation around the joint occurs as part of the healing process, much like a bruise with swelling on the inside of joints (Arthritis Action, 2020). It is this that could cause pain and stiffness, although another reason could be the nerve endings around the joint becoming sensitive (Versus Arthritis, nd).


Can CBD help reduce Arthritis Pain?

Well, yes, it can, and there’s research to prove this.

In 2017, a study using rats as pre-clinic models of arthritis examined whether CBD could block inflammatory and neuropathic pain associated with sodium monoiodacetate (MIA). MIA is a metabolic inhibitor that destroys joint cartilage. Its findings deemed both oral and topical administration of CBD effective in reducing inflammation typically associated with osteoarthritis (Philpott et al, 2017). Therefore, the potential of CBD was recognised as an analgesic and neuroprotective agent for osteoarthritis. More encouragingly, it reported no adverse side-effects experienced by the rats, thus making CBD more desirable for human patients.

A year later, a study concerning the safety of transdermal synthetic CBD gel was conducted by Hunter et al (2018). It focused on the treatment of adult osteoarthritic knee pain. After twelve weeks, it was considered that doses were well tolerated, and the synthetic CBD gel was effective. Of the 320 participants, just over three per cent experienced application site dryness and headaches, respectively. Shmerling (2020) commented that the findings of Hunter et al (2018) were “mixed at best”. However, he also acknowledged that CBD is less addictive than opiates used as treatment for arthritis.

Are there other opinions of CBD helping to reduce Arthritis Pain?

Yes, there is. CBD is beginning to receive acknowledgement from some respected quarters about its effectiveness in respect of arthritis pain management.


In 2019, the Arthritis Foundation released their first guidance concerning the usage of CBD for adults with arthritis. This followed the results of a national survey they conducted. Of 2,600 respondents, 79% stated they have used CBD or are considering it as alternative pain management for their arthritis (Arthritis Foundation, nd). The Arthritis Foundation wanted to provide people with credible guidance in respect of sourcing safe CBD products. In addition, they formerly requested that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) expeditiously regulated CBD products.

The Arthritis Foundation acknowledged there was little scientific evidence to support CBD as effective pain management for arthritis. But they had listened to the participants of their survey as well as medical professionals. This had led to guidelines for adults concerning the use of CBD in alleviating their arthritis symptoms.

Shmerling (2020) mentioned this in his article about whether CBD helps with arthritis pain. He commented about the lack of scientifically valid clinical trials and studies. However, he mentioned the growing number of testimonials concerning usage of CBD in various forms to alleviate pain. Shermling also included guidelines for using CBD. These were based on the recommendations of the Arthritis Foundation and Arthritis Care & Research, a medical journal.


So, how does CBD help reduce Arthritis Pain?

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a biological system that exists in your body. It is concentrated in both the central nervous system and immune system. The ECS is involved in maintaining the homeostasis in many physiological and cognitive functions, including the regulation of inflammation and pain.

The research undertaken by Philpot et al (2017) shows drugs that target the ECS could regulate arthritis and inflammatory joint disease. Indeed, many people using CBD to manage their arthritis pain can confirm that CBD does help reduce it. This is despite few cases of scientific research or clinical studies being conducted, as commented by Shmerling (2020). Such research would support many of our customers positive experiences concerning our CBD products and their arthritis pain management.

Our Top 7 Tips for using CBD for Arthritis Pain

There is no cure for arthritis therefore, for those with this condition, it’s very much about pain management and ensuring a good quality of life is maintained. With this in mind, our tips begin with CBD products to help facilitate this.


1)For a slow release and long term benefits try our CBD Oil

Our range of CBD Oil consists of between 5% to 20%, full spectrum, high quality CBD. It’s a slow-releasing form of CBD and, if used on a regular basis, will provide consistent benefits. This makes CBD oil ideal for those with long term conditions, including arthritis, chronic pain, inflammation and anxiety.

You place one or two drops of the CBD oil under your tongue for approximately one minute, after which you swallow it. It is a good idea to have a drink after to clear any residual CBD from your mouth. CBD oil can be used 2 or 3 times daily. Its effects should be felt approximately 15 minutes after using it. CBD oil is absorbed quickly into your bloodstream via the mucus membranes under your tongue. This enables you to feel the effects of CBD quickly which is why this method is considered the most popular.

Our CBD oil is made of premium quality CBD, which is both organically grown and free from THC. Despite not containing THC, you can still experience the entourage effect because our CBD oil is made of full-spectrum CBD extracts.


2)When it’s inconvenient to use CBD oil try our CBD Capsules

Like our CBD oil, our CBD capsules can be taken 2 or 3 times a day, sublingually, to provide you with a slow-release of CBD. Taken with a drink, the capsules enter your digestive tract, with no after taste. With regular use, the positive effects of CBD become more consistent. This method is ideal for those with long-term conditions, like arthritis and anxiety.

Each of our CBD capsules contain 10mg of the highest quality CBD available in the UK. Containing full spectrum CBD extract, you experience the benefits of the entourage effect, without THC. That’s because all of our products are THC free. Our CBD capsules are a quick and convenient alternative to CBD oil on occasions when you may be pressed for time.

pure organic cod capsules



3)Try our Topical CBD Range to help relieve muscular pain, inflammation or tension

The research discussed in the article by Philpott et al (2017) and Hunter et al (2018) both mention the benefits of using topical CBD for arthritis pain. As topicals do not enter your bloodstream, they are considered a less effective way of absorbing CBD, unless there is a transdermal carrier agent. If the skin is broken or damaged it becomes weaker, thusmaking the absorption of CBD easier. However, gel and creme are ideal for localised treatment for arthritic symptoms, such as pain and inflammation. Massaging the gel or creme into the affected area can provide hours of relief, especially with our range of topical CBD products.

Full of natural ingredients and premium quality CBD, our gel and creme will help you unwind from a busy day at work, after you’ve hit the gym or just need to untense your aching muscles. Furthermore, they will help reduce any inflammation that long term conditions that some conditions, like arthritis, may cause.

4)If you’re Out and About use our CBD Vaping E-liquids for convenience

Vaping is good to use as a top-up in-between doses of CBD oil or capsules. It is also an alternative to consider when using CBD cream isn’t appropriate. The effects of using our CBD vaping e-liquid will be felt more quickly than using these methods. This is because CBD enters your blood stream via your lungs, avoiding your digestive tract

ULU Strawberry e-liquid 5% CBD, CBD vape oil, CBD vape juice
ULU Strawberry e-liquid 5% CBD

Available in a variety of flavours and nicotine free, our CBD vaping e-liquid is made from the highest quality CBD. Furthermore, with no THC you will enjoy the relaxing and anti-inflammatory qualities of our CBD within moments of vaping.

5)Maintaining Your Wellness and Lifestyle

CBD should not be the only method you use for pain management. There are other factors that may also help with your general wellbeing and health. This includes regular exercise and healthy eating.

Being overweight causes more pain for those with some forms of arthritis, particularly osteoarthritis in the knees and hips (Arthritis Action, 2020). Alcohol and smoking can also trigger forms of arthritis, such as gout and rheumatoid arthritis (Arthritis Action, 2020).

Consider holistically approaching your arthritis pain management by combining CBD with a positive approach to your wellbeing and health. This will provide the best opportunity for you to maintain a good quality of life.

6)Read Laboratory Reports and/or Certificate of Analysis (COA)

You deserve to use the safest and best quality CBD products, which contain no more than 0.0001% THC, in line with current UK law. Furthermore, you need to ensure your CBD product is what it says it is on its packaging. A reputable CBD vendor should be able to provide you with the product’s laboratory report or COA upon request. These documents will detail all you need to know about the CBD product, including the cannabidiol profile, batch quality and any contaminants.

For more information about what’s in our products, you can read our laboratory reports.


7)Take Heed of Medical advice

Some forms of arthritis necessitate the need for conventional medicine to be used to prevent or protect your joint(s) from further damage. In this case, ensure your GP is aware of your plans to try CBD beforehand. Do not stop taking your prescribed medication until after discussing this with your GP.

Always seek medical advice from your GP or other medical professional prior to using any CBD products, especially if you are taking other medication. Do not seek medical advice from nonmedical personnel, such as those selling CBD products.

Remember that your CBD journey is as unique as you are. What may work for one person, may not work for another. So be patient and aware of how your body reacts with each dose. For more information about doses, please refer to our individual CBD product(s).

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