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ULU is an award winning CBD company created to help ‘U love U!‘ Our online range of high-quality, premium CBD products is designed in our German and USA laboratories to soak up the stress of life and to support your positive wellbeing. Our ground breaking partnership with The Harley Street Hospital will extend and progress the knowledge and utilisation of CBD across the world.

Hemp CBD Oil

pure cbd oil
pure cbd oil

our story

Paul Hembery, the founder of ULU, has been a prominent figure in one of the most high-pressure environments in the world: the very top level of global motorsport formula one.

“I saw people under immense stress, travelling all the time, making very important decisions under huge pressure, and not even able to sleep” says Paul. “So I thought to myself: what can I do to help?”

Paul, embarked on a lengthy programme of research to find healthy alternatives to the traditional stress-busting props of alcohol or tobacco. After spending time in California and seeing the benefits of CBD firsthand, he knew he needed to set up a CBD company to support people looking for real alternatives to classical pharmaceutical solutions – ULU U Love U was the answer. It was also clear that the CBD market was surrounded with a lot of poor information and products. So we partnered with the prestigious Harley Street Hospital in London to bring some integrity and credibility to our mission. We will work hard to progress the knowledge and understanding of this wonderful plant , so that people have a plant based solution to support their lives.

ULU best new cbd brand uk fitness and nutrition award
ULU best new cbd brand uk fitness and nutrition award

what is CBD?

CBD is the acronym for cannabidiol, which is one of the many naturally-occurring cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. It’s loaded with all sorts of beneficial properties and can be used to support a healthy lifestyle.

CBD is non-psychoactive, so it does not make you feel high when you consume it, unlike the THC cannabinoid (the chemical in marijuana that causes a high.) It is a safe and non-addictive substance and is among the several “phytocannabinoids,” found in the hemp plant. Of the “phytocannabinoids,” CBD is present in the highest concentration in the plant.

CBD is able to have so many support benefits due to its interaction with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS.) The ECS is a complex cell-signalling system found naturally within our bodies. It’s responsible for maintaining homeostasis and regulating things like mood, memory, sleep, pain and even the immune system. CBD effectively boosts the ECS, helping it to function properly, maintaining wellness and balance.

the ULU CBD skincare range, four premium CBD skincare products
the ULU CBD skincare range, four premium CBD skincare products
how to get started with CBD
The is no one-size-fits-all formula for getting started with CBD consumption. The method you should use depends on your lifestyle and the health benefits you're looking to receive. The most important thing is to find a method that works for you!

Understand the methods of CBD consumption, and figure out the one that suits you the best for getting started:

Holding Under Tongue
CBD Vaping
CBD Skincare
our values
We’re a USA CBD company using only pure organic CBD oil sourced from the USA. We’re bringing you a range of pure cbd oil and tablet products, which can change your daily life for the better. And we’re always around if you want to know more. We’d love to hear from you, in person or via our social channels.