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ULU full spectrum CBD, CBD for wellbeing


ULU USA provides an innovative range of high-quality full spectrum CBD oils and skincare products.Through our wide range of CBD solutions, and therapeutic partnerships we aim to bring technology and trust to the CBD industry. All of our products are created using cutting edge ultrasonic technology and are tested by third-party labs. This means that we are able to guarantee you the highest purity, THC-free CBD. We’re proud to stand out for our commitment to quality. But we’ll let our products speak for themselves!

ULU u love u

our quest

ULU is a UK CBD business founded by Paul Hembery, a former motorsport boss. Through ULU and its range of full spectrum CBD products, Paul is determined to bring the highest levels of technology and precision, as seen in grand prix racing, to the CBD industry in the UK.

As someone who is familiar with high-pressure environments and stressful situations, Paul wanted to provide a solution for people experiencing similar challenges. He wanted to help to reduce stress in their lives, and also to promote a culture of positivity and freedom in a world that often seems dominated by bad news stories.

“I was studying a life course in California with the Bob Proctor Institute and was struck by the need to increase positivity and confidence in people and life in general,” says Paul.

“Combine that with the opportunity CBD is providing and my personal mission to provide high quality solutions, I decided to create ULU. You only get one life. So, above all, I want people to love it.”


Paul hembery ulu founder f1 Pirelli
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Paul Hembery, Founder, ULU
our values
The rigorous standards of our manufacturing processes are a key part of the enhancement to your wellbeing, helping you to relax and love your life. Our full spectrum CBD products include e-liquids and oils, combination amino solutions and a skincare range.

Paul Hembery, Founder of ULU

meet the ULU team

A proud Bristolian, Paul – or Pablo as his friends call him – has enjoyed a few decades of travelling the world at the sharp end of global motorsport. On one of his trips to Los Angeles , he discovered full spectrum CBD oil and how it can benefit tired and stressed people.

Taking on the role of chief tester he found the results impressive – and so decided to bring some love and caring to our hectic lives over here with the creation of ULU. Why? Because what’s important is that U Love U.

So what’s Pablo’s goal?

Providing support for busy people through outstanding products supported by inspirational guidance and positivity. Thing is with Pablo, he’s been there. So now he wants to give something back that makes a real difference to people under pressure.

Inspirational figures

Having worked with so many talented people over the years, a couple from his time in F1 still stand out. Bernie Ecclestone for his vision and life lessons: one of the sharpest minds you could ever meet. Lewis Hamilton – on top of his unbelievable driving ability – for his humanity and positivity.

Oh and there is a third, who he never got to meet: Winston Churchill.

“My tastes are simple: I’m easily satisfied with the best,” as the great man said himself.

We can all relate to that.


Pablo is a lifelong Bristol City supporter, underlining his fundamental perseverance. He still follows motorsport and also finds time to mess around with classic and sports cars. Still travelling, he can often be found in California with family and friends – where he occasionally gets mistaken for Ricky Gervais.

Bernie Ecclestone talking to Paul Hembery at a F1 race. He is looking up to Paul Hembery with both of his hands resting on Paul's shoulders, ULU full spectrum CBD
Bernie Ecclestone talking to Paul Hembery at a F1 race. He is looking up to Paul Hembery with both of his hands resting on Paul's shoulders, ULU full spectrum CBD
Anthony Peacock, Public Relations
Anthony – known as Anton – also has a background in the automotive world but additionally works on projects that range from bespoke watches to Italian food. A creative powerhouse, inspired writer and perpetual traveller, his mission is to tell the world about ULU and the benefits it delivers.
Katya McGrath, Administration Officer
Katya is a master of languages, marketing, and snowboarding, having worked for many years in the pharmaceutical industry in her native Russia before coming to the UK. Her passion is travelling, having visited over 50 countries, but she particularly loves hiking in the great British countryside.
Gayna Elvin, Commercial Director