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How to take CBD – A Quick Guide

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a chemical compound found in the hemp plant. It is naturally occurring and used in products like edibles, oils, and serums to provide numerous health benefits and promote feelings of relaxation and calm. Unlike THC, CBD’s intoxicating and psychoactive cousin, CBD won’t get your high.

Learning the various nuances of CBD can be a lot to digest. So, if you are new to CBD and CBD products, this quick guide will help you learn how to take CBD correctly to fully enjoy the benefits. 

CBD Products: What to Look for

There are thousands of CBD products available today, but they are all likely to be consumed in one of four ways: eaten, inhaled, applied to the skin, or absorbed under the tongue. Each method of consumption has a different absorption rate and so will affect how quickly or slowly you experience the benefits.

Unfortunately, not all CBD products are made the same. And if you don’t know what you’re looking for, it is easy to be overwhelmed by choice. No matter what form you want to take CBD in, there are a few things to consider first and we have outlined them for you below.

Lab-Tested and Medically Certified CBD 


Not all CBD products being sold in the UK have been legally approved. Any CBD you purchase must be regulated and approved by the FDA and it is essential to ensure that what you are buying has been lab-tested by a third party.

At ULU, we want you to know what you are putting into your body. That’s why all of our products have been medically tested and certified for your peace of mind. We also provide Certificates of Analysis from independent registered laboratories that you can view here for total confidence. We are proud to provide a premium product. By choosing ULU, you will be guaranteed quality, lab-tested, CBD excellence.

How to Take Our CBD Products




Now that you know a bit more about CBD and the best products to choose, we will explain how to take CBD for the best results. At ULU, we will always help you find the right product and dosage for you. After all, we love our products and we want you to enjoy them as much as we do. So, below are some of the ways you can take our CBD products

CBD Edibles

If you are new to taking CBD products, it can be difficult to know which form of consumption to choose. While this choice generally comes down to personal preference, there are other elements that play into this decision.

For newbies, we recommend CBD edibles, such as gummies, as gummies are easy to consume and can be flavoured to make the CBD more enjoyable. At first, some people don’t like the taste of CBD as it can have an earthy flavour. While this is completely natural, it is not always enjoyable. That’s why our gummies are such a popular choice!

Note: It is important to know that CBD edibles need to be broken down by the digestive system to get to work Therefore, it can take up to two hours to experience any beneficial effects. Gummies are the perfect slow-release CBD product to keep you going throughout the day.

CBD Oils

If you want to avoid the sweeteners and preservatives added into CBD gummies, opting for a sublingual product may be a good solution. This method of taking CBD involves products designed for absorption under your tongue. They include oil tinctures, sprays, and lozenges.

Letting CBD absorb under your tongue negates the need for the digestive tract, instead allowing the CBD to get straight to work for faster results. All of the CBD oils we sell here at ULU share CBD-per-dose, rather than per bottle, and are UK certified for improved benefits! Browse our CBD oils.

Vaping CBD

If you already vape, you might find it easier to incorporate CBD into your daily lifestyle by using a vaporiser. Vaping allows CBD to get straight into the bloodstream so that you experience the benefits faster. In fact, you will absorb 34 – 56% of the CBD in under 10 minutes!

At ULU, we sell organic CBD vape e-liquids that offer customers high-quality CBD oils that are certified, nicotine-free, and available in a variety of flavours. Shop our CBD vape products here.

CBD Capsules

CBD capsules are an easy and convenient way to take CBD and can be a great option for people who want to maintain a consistent dose. Our CBD tablets are designed to support a healthy lifestyle and positive wellbeing. Using only the purest ingredients, our CBD capsules are suitable for vegans and vegetarians, containing only the highest quality pure CBD. What’s more, we provide accurate dosage per capsule to help keep you fully informed.

It is important to note that, just like CBD gummies, taking CBD capsules requires the digestive system to get to work before you experience any results. So, you might not experience any of the benefits until 30 minutes or longer as CBD capsules are slow releasing throughout the day. Browse our CBD capsules.

Topical CBD Products

Topical CBD products are ideal for people looking to manage symptoms of pain, acne, or arthritis (to name a few). CBD topicals include CBD-infused lotions, creams, balms, and patches.

Our CBD skincare products have been laboratory developed to provide effective relief from difficult skin conditions like acne, eczema, aches and pains and psoriasis. Our CBD topical treatments use powerful anti-inflammatory properties of cannabidiol to provide much needed relief from redness, itching, and inflammation. Applied directly to the skin or problem area, our CBD topical products achieve concentrated relief and promising results for numerous conditions.

Take the Correct CBD Dose

When you are taking CBD for the first time, it can be nerve-wracking trying to understand how much CBD is right to take. Here at ULU, all of our products have dosage recommendations on the labels. However, if you are still unsure, we always recommend starting with a small dose and building up slowly over time. CBD takes time to build up in your body. So, it is best to start small and build from there until you find the right dosage for you.

How is CBD Absorbed by the Body?


The bioavailability of a CBD product is a great way to understand how effective said product might be. If it has a high bioavailability rate, more CBD will be used by the body. If it has a low bioavailability rate, only a small amount of CBD will be delivered into your bloodstream as the CBD has further to travel.

For instance, most CBD consumption methods (gummies and capsules) must be digested by the body first before reaching the bloodstream. In the process of being broken down, some of the CBD is lost through natural bodily processes. Other methods of consumption (sprays or oil tinctures) do not require digestion and, as such, have a higher bioavailability rate.

How Often You Should Take CBD?

The regularity with which you take CBD is ultimately up to you. However, in order to experience the full benefits, we recommend taking CBD once a day at least. This will let you quickly understand how it affects your body. This way, you can decide whether you want to scale your dosage up or down.

Should You Take CBD Morning or Night?

Another common question we get asked here at ULU is whether you should take CBD in the morning or at night. And again, the choice is yours. It all depends how CBD affects your body.

Some people find that taking CBD leaves them feeling energised and clear-headed, while others find that it helps them unwind and relax. Our advice? Take CBD consistently at a time that suits you and measure how your body reacts.

Which CBD Product is Right for Me?

The best CBD product for you is ultimately personal preference. It takes some experimentation to find out what works for you. We recommend trying a couple of different options that appeal and seeing how they fit in with your daily schedule and requirements. Just remember that mixing products can mean you accidentally take a higher dosage. So, be sure to measure your intake and the products you try so that you can track your progress more effectively.

Browse the ULU Online Store

We hope this article has been informative and has given you the confidence you need to try our CBD products. To get started on your CBD journey, or even to try something new, why not check out the ULU online store? We have CBD products for all preferences and every route of administration. And if you want to learn more about CBD and the research being carried out into its numerous benefits, check out the ULU blog for further insights.

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